Zaloutions is a company specialising in supporting small business with all their IT needs. We can help your business leverage from cheap and effective technology solutions to add value to your business and build your customer base. Our services follow this simple methodology:

1. IT Audit - Providing an assessment of your current IT infrastructure.
2. Requirements Analysis - Talking with you in regards to your technology requirements
3. Feasibility Study - Evaluating potential solutions to your requirements
4. System Design - We work with you to design a tailor made solution using a combination of your existing technology plus new technology
5. Business Process Design - We work with you to improve your current business processes to take full advantage of the new system
6. Deployment and Training - We train your staff and implement your system
7. Ongoing Support - Providing support to you at minimal cost


Following such a methodology will mean that your full technology investment will be safeguarded and your business we reap the benefits of the new technologies.